About Lake Weir

Lake Weir and Surrounding Communities

Located midway between Ocala and Leesburg, Lake Weir is one of the finest recreational lakes in the state of Florida and the largest in Marion County. It boasts 15 square miles (9600 acres) of pure water and white sand beaches, offering the ultimate in leisure water activities. Unlike most lake’s mud bottoms, Lake Weir’s unique sand bottom allows all water related sports to be enjoyed around the entire lake.

Beautiful parks and boat ramps decorate its 38 miles of shoreline.

The main body of water, Lake Weir is approximately four miles in diameter with an additional body of water, named Sunset Harbor, that is approximately two miles in size. Little Lake Weir, which is about one mile in diameter, is connected to Lake Weir via a canal.

When you consider the great recreational value and abundant animal life, it becomes obvious why this natural gem must be protected and preserved for current and future generations to come.