Algae Bloom

Algae Blooms on Lake Weir occur at all times of the year, but are most prevalent in the spring and summer months.   Florida Department of Environmental Protection monitors algae blooms across the state of Florida, specifically Blue Green Algae.  They issue a monthly newsletter that is available for free.  Each newsletter will identify which bodies of water were tested that month and the findings.  When Florida DEP encounters Blue Green Algae or toxins, a notice is issued and Florida Department of Health will follow with a public notice identifying the presence of toxins and the risks of recreational activities on that particular body of water.  This is a link to the latest newsletter – and all the information needed to sign up to receive this information directly to your email.

In this edition Lake Weir was tested at a site by Hampton Beach – 

 Lake Weir – Hampton Beach: Planktolyngbya lacustris and Botryococcus braunii co-dominant; no cyanotoxins detected.  

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Algae Blooms on Lake Weir

Algae Reporting

Have you seen significant algae blooms on or near your lakeshore?  Take a minute to record a picture and upload it to  Reporting the blooms is easy at this site and your diligence will ensure the DEP is aware of the ongoing conditions on Lake Weir. At this site, you can also subscribe to a weekly update delivered to your email for free to follow the testing results for Lake Weir and other Florida area water bodies.